• Components of the future

    We provide national and international contractors with high quality industrial components


  • Large scale projects...

    requires serious partners


  • Advanced technology...

    requires advanced machinery and state of the art facilities


  • Quote

    “The new solar arrays on our rooftops are reducing our energy costs and carbon footprint, while providing green energy to the community.”

    – ELIZABETH A. LOWERY, Vice President, GM
    Environment, Energy and Safety Policy

  • We like facts!

    And that is why every statement we make regarding performance, savings and lifespand is backed by calculations and thorough testing


Welcome to the RDS website

Red Dot Scandinavia is a Danish company focusing on construction, energy solutions and building material supply. We are based in Copenhagen, and our emphasis is on providing the best value proposition for our customers.

Within our construction department, our primary objective is to make steel frame buildings a more widespread alternative to traditional Scandinavian building methods. We take care of dimensioning, engineering and manufacture, as well as the transport logistics in providing the materials on time and on schedule.

Our energy systems division focus on two major areas - photovoltaic solar energy systems and energy recycling systems. In addition to the two major business areas, we also provide additional building materials for the Scandinavian market.

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